Sustainable Solar Power with Solar Panels

Making The Switch to Sustainable Power with a Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are a great way to save money and make environmentally ethical choices in Sacramento, CA, and we are here to make it feasible and easy for you to make the switch to solar. If you are thinking of switching your Sacramento, CA home or business to solar power, we would first like to congratulate you on making a responsible decision to move toward sustainability.

Conventional energy production methods are far from ethical or sustainable, and in fact are an environmental catastrophe from start to finish. Solar, on the other hand, is 100% clean energy that has no negative impact on the environment whatsoever, and which can easily power your entire home or business in Sacramento, CA with you never having to make another electricity payment again.

There is a certain, initial cost to making this switch, but in the past few years technology has increased and improved for solar panels to the point that solar panels have really become affordable for a large number of Sacramento homeowners and business owners. Whereas solar panels a decade ago were a luxury basically available only to the rich, it is now feasible for many more people to make the switch to solar. In addition, there are many financial incentives for switching, such as tax rebate programs which will refund a portion of the purchase price for you, thus lowering the cost. In addition, you can earn carbon offset credits with your solar panels that you can then sell to local businesses, making the investment even less expensive for you.

We are committed to helping you make your home or business environmentally friendly, in terms of electricity production, and energy-independent. One of the great advantages many of our customers find to having solar panels is that they are no longer at the mercy of the weather or circumstance when it comes to electricity access. Obviously, it is the business of power companies to make sure their customers have electricity, but if a part of the grid goes down due to weather, or even due to a car hitting an electric pole, those customers will be out of electricity until the necessary repairs are made.

It is true that events can happen to stop or slow production of electricity from your solar panels, but these events are extremely rare and easily prepared for or remedied. For example, in the unlikely event that an ice storm hits Sacramento, CA, your solar panels will need to have the ice removed, but you will be able to do this far quicker than the power company will be able to replace all the downed power lines and get electricity back to your neighbors who are on the grid.

In fact, by looking at the weather forecast the night before, you could be forewarned of this and simply cover your solar panels with a sheet of plastic, so that all you have to do is remove the plastic for your solar panels to be clean and perfectly functioning again.