Solar Panel Incentives Sacramento

Solar panels are not cheap to buy, though the price of them has gone down a lot in the past few years. Fortunately for homeowners and business owners in the Sacramento, CA area, there are many incentives you can get to help offset the cost of solar panels.

The first kind of incentive you can get is a tax rebate.

There was a big federal program for this a few years ago, but it has since expired. Nevertheless, some states and municipalities are still offering tax rebates for installing solar power on your home or business. This solar panel incentive reimburses a portion of your solar panel purchase on your next tax return.

Another kind of solar panel incentive is the California Solar Incentive, or CSI.

This is a different kind of incentive, as it is focused on getting individual homes to help produce electricity for California, rather than getting people to get off the grid. The way it works is this: you get solar panels installed on your roof or on the ground, and you continue buying energy from your regular electricity company. You get paid for the electricity that you put into the system. This will certainly lower your electricity bills significantly. It may completely eliminate your electricity bills, or even earn you money, if your solar panels feed more electricity onto the grid than you consume.

Another kind of solar panel incentive is business carbon emission offset credits.

By installing solar panels, you can get carbon credits that you can then sell to local businesses. Businesses that produce more carbon emissions than they are allowed to by regulations can avoid fines by purchasing these credits, which are effectively ways of proving that they are helping to make up for the emissions they produce by funding clean energy in other ways.