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Solar Panel Sacramento’s Installation Divison can get your solar install done at a very affordable price. Due to many solar incentives and solar panel rebates in Sacramento, you can sometimes get solar panels installed for free. The Government has recently rolled out a program for certain people that get approved to get free solar panels installed. We offer many Sacramento solar install incentives and solar energy rebates and tax credits in the area. The state of California rolled out a program and solar install incentives that may allow you to get solar installed for free.

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With a solar electric power system from Solar Panel Sacramento, you can harness the inexhaustible energy of the sun to power your home, small business, or large-scale commercial/agricultural operation—for little or no money down and with a monthly payment that is often lower than your current utility bill. Best of all, once you’ve paid off your initial investment, all of the power the system generates is yours.

  • Commercial Solar Solutions: Fix your short-term energy rates and reduce long-term operating costs with solar and renewable energy solutions that pay for themselves again and again. Discover how to install Commercial Solar Panels at your home or business in Sacramento.
  • Residential Solar Solutions: Increase the value of your home and dramatically reduce or eliminate your monthly power bill.

Solar Panel Sacramento and our growing commitment to green technology will ensure that your panels are installed correclty the first time. We have installed more than 3 MW of solar electric generating capacity and thousands of solar pool heating and solar domestic hot water heating systems throughout California.Solar Panel Sacramento Residential Solar Panel installation Divison has an increasing commitment to providing complete, turn-key solutions in the following renewable energy technologies.

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