Why Install Solar Panels?

There are several different ways to create electricity, which often causes people to ask, why solar in particular?

The most conventional ways of producing electricity require the burning of fossil fuels. This is the most common and popular method of electricity production in the US, but there are many problems with it. Mining for coal strips vast acres of forest, leaving animals without habitats, soil exposed, and plants in danger. There have been dangerous chemical spills from the coal industry, poisoning the drinking water of people living nearby and causing untold damage to the environment and to their health. Hydroelectric is a much cleaner method of energy production, but it is only possible where there are large bodies of water. Wind energy is very clean method of electricity production, but it endangers birds, who fly into the wind turbines and are killed.

Solar energy, on the other hand, produces no byproducts and endangers absolutely no animals.

It is easy to install solar panels on your home or business, after which your electricity bills will go down to zero because you will be producing all the electricity for your home or business. If you are unsure of how much energy your home or business will need, our experts will work with you to determine your energy consumption and how large of a solar array you will need to meet your needs. True, the sun is not always shining, but sunny California has far more sunny days than cloudy days, and we will make sure that your solar array is putting enough electricity into your backup batteries to make up for energy consumption at night and when the weather is clouded over. The sun is an unlimited resource for electricity, and taking advantage of this resource makes sense financially for homeowners and businesses, as well as being responsible stewardship for the planet. Finally, as solar panels have become more sophisticated and less expensive to produce, the price of a solar array has gone down so that now it is economically feasible for just about any Sacramento, CA homeowner or business owner to install solar panels.