Ground Solar Panels Sacramento

When installing solar panels, there are several different ways that your solar panels can be installed, and the best way for you will depend on your home or business setup and orientation, as well as the sunlight it receives.

The two most common ways to install solar panels are on your roof and on the ground. Obviously, there are pros and cons to each. If you get roof solar panels, you often do not have to worry about trees shading over your solar panels and causing you to lose energy production that way. Obviously, the best setup for solar panels is in direct sunlight so the absence of shade matters a lot. However, if the best slope of your roof is not in the best area for the sun – that is, if it faces north or there is a large hill blocking the sunlight – then you will probably want to think about ground solar panels as an alternative to roof solar panels.

There are many benefits to ground solar panels

You are not limited to placing them to the exact location of your house, so you can easily pick the sunniest spot of your property. You can also often get more solar panels in an array on the ground than on a roof because you can use more space for your solar array. Another benefit of ground solar panels is that they are moveable. What this means is that you can tilt them to get the best sunlight, and then move them throughout the year to continue to be the best angle for the sun as it moves from south to north and back again. Even during the day, your ground solar panels can be adjusted to get maximum light. Many customers have us install a programmable adjustment system that you can set on a timer, which will move your solar panels so that they are always receiving the most direct sunlight possible at any given time.