Going Green Challenge

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the going green challenge. It’s reached across the United States and beyond. People everywhere are taking the challenge to be more efficient in leaving a smaller carbon footprint. It started with plastic bags and has continued to grow. People are walking or biking to work and not using the polluting vehicles we all know and use for our travels. Granted we do have green vehicles such as the Toyota Prius which is fully battery operated. Many companies followed suite with hybrids and smart cars.

The green challenge has also brought awareness to how much we waste our resources. Water conservation and energy conservation have been put into the limelight with the recent drought. You see commercials telling you to turn your sprinklers off and switch your lightbulbs to LED to conserve energy up to 40%. Solar has been going up on roofs nationwide cutting or sometimes eliminating electric bills.

A lot of solar advertising is about saving money on your electric bill. As much as a great perk that is, we would like to analyze the positive effects it has on the environment. Solar energy is completely clean and causes no pollution. We are taking a natural solar thermal power and harnessing the energy to run a household or even commercial building. Solar was first used in the 7th century when magnifying glasses were used to start fires. We’ve come a long way since then and solar will soon be a standard feature for newly constructed homes across America.

The International Energy Agency, which has historically taken a conservative approach to evaluating solar power’s prospects, has projected that by 2050, in the best-case scenario, solar energy could be the single biggest source of power, generating as much as 27 percent of electricity worldwide.

Commercial Use of Green Solar

Energy expenditure presently keeps growing and it doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear anytime soon. The government discounts are a huge opportunity intended for corporate companies as well as small businesses, to save a bunch of money on their electric bills or completely cut them all together. Because of the rebates solar is now accessible to all varieties of businesses and can save thousands of dollars a year.

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Did you know: Solar energy can also be used for making potable, brackish or saline water. Without using electricity or chemicals, waste water can be treated. Creating salt from sea water is also one of the oldest uses of solar energy