Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Installations

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Installations in Sacramento, CA

Q: How do I know if solar is right for my home or business.

A: The best way is to contact one of our representatives for a free, no-obligation site evaluation. You may also estimate the size, cost, and savings of a new system using a solar estimator. At this time, solar power technology has achieved a point in its development where almost any building has enough roof or ground space to generate sufficient electrical power to meet the needs of all or most of its occupants.

Q: How long do solar electric systems last?

A: Because solar electric systems are made from high-impact tempered glass, have no moving parts, and require very little maintenance, they can operate for 40-50 years—paying back the initial investment many times over!

Q: Do your solar systems come with a warranty?

A: Yes. In the event that something ever does go wrong, all of our photovoltaic panels come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, Granite Bay Energy covers all other parts of the system—including roof mounts, conduit, and every last nut and bolt — for 10 years. Q: Do I have to pay for the system up front?