DIY Solar Panel Installation

Are you looking to install a solar power system on your own?

Some kinds of solar panels are easier to damage than others, while some types of solar panels can take a fair amount of abuse. Nevertheless, there is no solar panel currently made that can withstand more than simply being walked on, gently, with relatively soft shoes.

Therefore the potential for damage is great when it comes to solar panels, and it is better to leave the installation to the experts. After all, if professional installers damage the solar panels, the company will have to cover the damage, but if you damage them in a DIY installation you may be responsible financially for your now-broken, expensive equipment.

Another reason that we recommend against DIY solar panel installation is for panel efficiency. Solar panels operate at maximum efficiency when they are oriented at a 90 degree angle from the sun’s rays. This means you need to know the direction of the sun, at the very least, to be able to get the most energy out of your solar panels.

Our experts will be able to tell if your roof is pitched too steeply to install the panels directly onto the roof, and if you need an additional framework to be able to catch the most sun possible. If you are doing a ground installation, it is even more important to have the installation done professionally, as ground solar arrays are often moveable and programmed to always be at a 90 degree angle to the sun, even tilting from north to south throughout the year.

Whether you are doing a ground array or a roof array, if you calculate this wrongly you will quickly lose all the money you may have saved from installing the solar panels yourself, in a significant loss of efficiency.