About Solar Panels

We get many questions about solar panels from customers wanting to know more about how solar panels work and why they should consider buying them.

One important question that we often hear is, “What about at night?” Obviously, solar panels make electricity from the sun, which means that they are not making electricity when the sun is not out. This does not mean that you do not have power when it is dark out. This would completely defeat the purpose of solar energy, since you need to turn the lights on when it is dark outside, not when the sun is shining at its brightest. With a full solar panel array, you will also get a battery array and a converter. This means that your solar panels do not directly power your home; instead, they charge batteries and those batteries provide power to your home. This is a very efficient method of managing the power, because while the sun is high and you are at work, your home is providing very little drain on the battery, which are being filled by the solar power provided by the panels. Then, in the evening, when you turn on all your lights and run all your appliances, your solar panels are no longer working but your batteries are! We also make sure that your batteries can store enough power to last even if we have a period of unseasonably rainy or overcast weather.

Another method of using solar panels exists if you do not want to worry about batteries. In this scenario, you will have your solar panels hooked up to the grid, and whenever they are functioning (and making more power than your home is currently using) they will be feeding power into the grid. Whenever your solar panels are not functioning, usually when it is dark or overcast, you will be using power from the grid. Your utilities company will then pay you for the power you produce. The benefits of this setup include a significant lowering of your electric bill. In fact, some users find that they effectively cancel out their electric bill, or even end up being paid more for the electricity they create than the price of the electricity they use, resulting in them being paid by the electric company! Another benefit is that this contributes to a green-energy grid, and if enough individual home and business owners opt for this solution, the hope is that eventually the energy grid will be entirely green. There are also state-based financial incentives for feeding your solar panel energy into the electricity grid, which can help to compensate the up-front investment you will make in your solar panels.

If you choose to install solar panels on your Sacramento, CA home or business, whether you choose a battery array and complete energy independence or to hook your solar panels up to the grid, you will also have to choose whether to install your solar panels on your roof or on the ground. Give us a call today and our solar panel experts can guide you through this choice and all other choices necessary when switching to solar.